Lockport High School Board & JJC Trustee

The Homer/Lockport Tea Party endorsed only one candidate for Lockport High School District 205, and that person is Samantha Neitzke. Due to a “Ballot #8” being deemed necessary by the school district, the school board now has to be represented by uncorporated candidates and incorporated candidates. Due to this change in the ballot Michael Lewandowski and the write-in candidate Charlie Travor are on the School Board by default. So the voters will only be voting for one of the five other candidates from the incorporated area for the remaining school board seat. We will be addressing this issue in further detail at the Candidate forum on Monday March 28th. But the way things stand the voters will be picking omly one candidate this election cycle.

Lockport High School District 205 – Samantha Neitzke

Samantha’s Facebook Page

Joliet Junior College Trustee – Brad Baber

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