Lemont – Bromberek district 113A (A Messed Up School District)

Dear Residents of Lemont,

As you may be aware, special interest groups of the Lemont – Bromberek district 113A have been asking tax payers to support a massive $20 million dollar borrowing scheme.

Click here to learn more and learn more about the massive $20 million dollar school referendum facing the tax payers of School District 113A.

Supporters of this borrowing scheme have been informing taxpayers that the $20 million is needed in order to avoid school closures or a possible state takeover of the school system.

What they haven’t told you is that there are other alternatives to borrowing $20 million and in fact, with some fiscal discipline, the school district could have a $2 million dollar surplus by the end of 2011.

For these reasons and more, Americans for Prosperity has prepared a fact-based presentation for you to view. Go to www.lemont113a.com and decide for yourself if the school board has been disingenuous in their proposal to borrow $20 million.

Again, go to www.lemont113a.com watch, listen, and learn more about the $20 million referendum.

Please pass this website along to your neighbors, friends, and voters in District 113A.

Joe Calomino
State Director
Americans for Prosperity-Illinois

Click Here and Log On to our website to Learn More

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