Pat Brady a Obama Cheer Leader?

Looking at the Illinois Republican Party’s chairman’s response to President Obama’s State of the Union speech leaves me wondering. Brady compliments the President on a good speech while most pundits panned it. He is happy that Obama said he wants to change the Health Care Law while all Republicans in Congress want to repeal it not just change it. He says the president has found new interest in helping small business, yet Mr Obama has spent the past 2 years creating rules and laws to hurt small businesses. As far as cutting spending and deficit reduction, Pat did you hear him say he wants to freeze spending at its current level for 5 years. Did you did hear the President say he wanted to eliminate the current tax break for high income earners. Just the same old wealth re- distribution. And when the President says we just can’t cut discretionary spending to balance the budget he means he wants to raise taxes to balance the budget. He never mentioned entitlements. Pat I think we both heard the same words from the President, the problem is you believed them. You must be developing a infection of Obama spin. Hope you get well soon.

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