Smack down, John Roberts style

Source: Tea Party NationPosted by Judson Phillips on January 25, 2011 at 8:05am

One of the big questions buzzing around Washington this morning is whether John Roberts and other members of the United States Supreme Court will attend the State of the Union address tonight.

Last year, in Obama’s first State of the Union address, he attacked the Supreme Court for a six-day-old decision, called “Citizens United” which struck down most of the McCain-Feingold campaign finance bill.

Justice Samuel Alito mouthed a dissent when Obama spoke. Roberts held his peace in the chamber, but complained later. One could only wish he had the gumption of Joe Wilson and had simply stood up and shouted, “You lie!”

Obama has been itching for a fight with the conservative Supreme Court members knowing they will not fight back publicly. Perhaps they won’t, but if John Roberts had the backbone, he could make Obama’s life really interesting.

To start with, he could grant cert (permission to appeal to the Supreme Court, for the non-lawyers) on one of the Obama birth certificate cases. Preferably Orly Taitz’s case.

I, for one, believe that the evidence available, such as it is, makes it more likely than not that Obama was in fact born in Hawaii. Whether he lost his citizenship when he was adopted by a foreign national and moved to a foreign country is a different story. Obama has spent millions to keep his birth certificate private. Now, Hawaii’s governor Neil Abercrombie has stepped into it, first vowing to release the birth certificate, then saying it could not be located and finally saying Hawaii law prohibited the release of the document.

Obama could of course release the document. He has spent millions of dollars, in true liberal fashion by using other people’s money, to keep that birth certificate out of sight.


I happen to subscribe to the theory that there is something on that birth certificate that destroys the myth of Barack Obama. Myth destroyed, he simply fades away.

But back to John Roberts. Obama has been gunning for the conservative members of the Supreme Court. Even Harry Reid obliquely threatened Roberts and Alito with either impeachment or prosecution, claiming somehow they “lied” about their beliefs when they were being confirmed.

Roberts, if he were willing, could make Obama’s life very interesting. There are a number of cases, including the eligibility cases that could come before the Supreme Court. Roberts, Alito, Scalia and Thomas are the conservative four that can get any case up there they want, as it only takes four justices to grant cert. Justice Anthony Kennedy is the fifth, swing vote. He has already expressed his displeasure with the Obama regime, vowing not to retire while Obama was president. It is possible, if one of those cases did end up in front of the Supremes, by a 5-4 vote, they could order Obama to do something he really does not want to do.

The problem with the conservatives on the Supreme Court is they are mostly academic types. They believe that academic debate and discourse will allow all issues to be resolved. They do not realize that politics at times is a serious blood sport. Unfortunately, for us, this is a lot like a group of men from the country club having a street fight with some Chicago union thugs.

If John Roberts really wants to show Obama a thing or two, it only takes a couple of rulings to make that happen. Roberts has to realize he must be willing to get into a down and dirty fight. If he did, it could be one of the greatest services a Supreme Court Chief Justice ever rendered for America.

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