Horror in the House: Rep. Harman calls for AZ-Like Massacre if Obama-care Repealed

Posted by Michael LeCornec on January 19, 2011 at 5:30pm
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More shame from the defaming left continues. Extreme left wing hate monger Jane Harman, D, CA-36 shocks the nation by threatening more murders, “There will be more Arizona like massacres unless the Obama-care Repeal Bill is defeated.” What a shameless call for violence coming from yet another Radical Statist Progressive spewing hate and violence upon America. House Representative Harman was speaking from the floor of the House when her threat of violence rose up and echoed in the Hose chambers.

When will enough be enough? How many people do they hope to incite to violence with such hate speech coming from national democrat leaders? Ms Harman, you are reprehensible and vile in your calling for more death and violence. The Arizona mourners who lost loved ones have not yet changed out of their funeral clothes and this hate speech is what they get from far left House Representatives? Extremist Jane Harman is not fit to hold an office of the people and should immediately resign from office and apologize to all those mourning the tragic loss of life in Tucson. This cold-hardhearted democrat is so despicable and perverse in her dishonor and disrespect for the need of families and friends to grieve their loss in peace. Is that too much to ask for, Jungle Jane? When will this repugnance end?

Not soon it seems. Sheila Jackson Lee, D, TX-18 on the Neil Cavuto show this afternoon had a picture of a woman in the hospital as background stating this woman and many like her will die due to a repeal of Healthcare. My goodness how unconscionable the far-out left has become. Thank God Cavuto challenged her with this until she had no choice but to backtrack and insult him for being too ignorant to understand. Huh? How is anyone surviving without Obama care? If I dare look out my office window, will I see blood flowing down the streets? This unconstitutional law is not even about healthcare! It’s about a federal takeover of yet another American industry that overtime will become a single-payer system that will utterly collapses what’s left of the American economy. We are discarding as trash the finest healthcare system in human history. Yes, it needs minor corrections, MINOR corrections, not a bloody overhaul. Is this what America has become? A second rate nation who is handing the baton of world leadership to China, while we run like a gnat into the destructive fires that other European nations are trying to escape? Woe, Woe, Woe to America!

The good news is that many Americans are wakening from our long and deep political slumber that saw this nation morph from a Constitutional Republic into a Socialist Democracy. The American people are awakening to the near collapse of liberty, truth and the American way of life. Enough of us are fully awake now and proclaiming in one loud voice, “Not On Our Watch!”

The statist progressives are famous for seizing any and all opportunities presented via national crisis, whether real or orchestrated, to move America closer to a socialist, nationalist form of government. But this time is was a little different. Due to the perfect storm in 2008 which elected an anti-Colonialist as President committed to redistributing America’s wealth back to those poor nations that America and Great Britain stole it from; Super-majorities in both houses of Congress to pass extreme socialist legislation (90% of the bills passed never came to debate or vote); Seized opportunity to exaggerate a level 5 financial crisis into a level 10 worldwide economic melt-down during the lame duck session of the Bush Presidency which started the economic avalanche with the $787 Billion TARP. This was no longer an opportunity to further advance the statist progressive agenda but rather became a fiat for an end-game “check-mate” to complete America’s fundamental transformation into a transnational state for at least the next 100 years. No wonder budgets were never considered for the feverish pace to checkmate America initiated. The seized opportunity was an unexpected Trojan Horse for not all the elements for the new transnational system were in place yet.Global initiatives like a world currency are not there yet.

Let’s see how that all translated into legislative governance over the last two years. The Perfect Storm unleashed a barrage of confiscatory economic policies and a radical legislative revolt against the American electorate that repositioned the United States upon the precipice of economic flux and monetary upheaval. This catastrophe is the Obama promise for his fundamental transformation of America into a Transnational State: the one-world governance structure orchestrated by statist progressive Harold Koh, Chief Advisory Council to the State Department. The necessary infrastructure of the Transnational State is being erected through the passage of Healthcare Reform Law, the Financial Reform Law and other laws to come. So far, over 500 new departments and agencies are created by these two laws alone. That does not include any of the other $1 Trillion of transnational infrastructure created by the bills passed into law during the lame duck session of Congress. Nothing lame about that duck. Those actions all but sealed our fate.

You really didn’t believe that healthcare and financial reform alone needed 4,000 plus pages of law, did you? A new system had to be created in the open and yet remain secret. The essentials were spread out over many bills signed into law. Can you now see why backroom deals made in smoke filled rooms, corruption, bribery and other criminal activities needed to be undertaken for the (ahem) greater good?

Were it not for the unanticipated backlash and uprising from the American electorate, many other bills like Cap and Trade; Net-Neutrality and others would also be law. Little did the TEA party and the American electorate know that 90% of bills passed (representing the uglier elements of transnational transformation) were passed without any vote or debate and secretly signed into law by Obama! I guess these stealth laws were a little too scary to come before Congress for debate and vote. And you thought healthcare law is scary? Healthcare is but the tip of the iceberg. That is why it must be repealed in its entirety. The infrastructure for the new transnational system must come down.

The American I love rose up and said, NO! The electorate then handed the left their biggest political defeat in the last 80 years aka the Mid-Term Tsunami Elections of 2010. Now the moment of their discontent has come. Let them lament but you stay clear of their gnashing of teeth. We saw the literal gnashing of teeth from statist progressive Governor of Pennsylvania, Ed Rendell during his January 9, 2011 interview with CBS reporter Lesley Stahl of 60 Minutes. We hear the call for more murders on January 19th from hate-monger democrat Jane Harman. Statist progressive Steve Cohen, D, TN is a Jewish House democrat equating the repeal of healthcare with NAZI propaganda! The left is in a conniption of biblical proportions. It is 5pm Wednesday and I just flipped to C-SPAN to see that Obama-care Repeal has passed the House 245-189. A victory for America! But a what a shameful price. The statist progressive blood lust is just beginning. They seized the moment but could not seize the day. Thank You America! Thank you House Republicans for staying true to your promise to We The People! Stand firm and watch your backs America. The blood-lust of the statist progressive left will make a shark frenzy look like ordinary fish feed. Now, it’s on to the Senate.

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