A Pastors opinion on the Arizona Memorial Service

A pastor shared the remarks pasted below about the the Arizona shooting memorial service Thought you would be interested. –

I sat with my mouth open last night at the so-called “memorial” service in Tucson, and couldn’t believe my eyes or my ears at what I was hearing and seeing – even before President Obama spoke. Think about it: They had a band that played “Fanfare to the Common Man”, a chorus group, an Indian Spiritual Leader who raised feathers to bless the doors of the building; two government officials read from the Bible, including lesbian Janet Napolitano, and the scriptures they used had nothing to do with the evil of man or the goodness of God or His ability to provide comfort to those who were in grief. Then the President’s remarks were about the goodness and the ideals of man. He quoted Job: “when I looked for light, then came darkness” – supposedly trying to connect his search for answers to what happened, but found none! The Presidents remarks were interrupted more than 50 times with applause, whistles, yells and such, and the 24,000 attendees could pick up their T-shirt on the way out!

I tried to put all of that into perspective – but then it dawned on me: This is the “global church” in full color! Not one preacher – not one hymn – not one request for God’s presence, power or PERMISSION to come into His presence!

God help us!

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