Gov. Quinn’s Inaugural Speech Deceit

Listening to Gov. Quinn deliver his inaugural speech after being sworn in one would think all is rosy in the state. He tells the crowd he has presented balance budgets, but fails to say that includes $15 billion dollars in new borrowing. He says he want to spend more for education, but really means he wants to pay up all the bloated  teachers pension payments the state owes. He bragged that Illinois’s unemployment had dropped from 10.4% in June to 9.6% in November, but failed to mention he wants to raise the business tax from 4.4% to 8.2% which will make more businesses leave Illinois and most likely raising the unemployment rate to over 10% again. He talks of social justice for all citizens of Illinois and fairness to all its citizens. What he really means he wants to raise the income tax by 75% which is nothing more than income redistribution. Instead of being honest with the citizens of Illinois his speech was geared to the ears of his biggest supporters, the government and private sector unions of which there were many in the audience. It was interesting to see Mayor Daley who was up on the stage not clap to any any Quinn’s rosy rhetoric. The stage was loaded with people mainly from Cook County. I counted only 5 people on the stage who did live in Cook County out of about 50 on stage. Its a shame the good people of Illinois have to be part of a state that is the laughing stock of the nation. States around us have taken steps to cut spending to balance their budgets without raising taxes. I guess Gov. Quinn and the democrats in power just don’t get it.

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