A letter to Senator Mark Kirk (R-IL)

This is a letter that I wrote to Mark Kirk regarding his comments after the mass shooting in Arizona where he said that we need to tone it down.
Dear Senator Kirk,
The 1st amendment is there to protect speech that you do not want to hear. I don’t like to hear certain people but I do agree that they have the right to say it. So, why is it that you are telling anyone to tone it down? If all of congress were to get your way and stopped those who said things that they didn’t want to hear, who will be the last one who can speak? We’d be a country of mutes because there is always going to be someone who does not approve. But Like Ms. Fox, I feel like I’ve been betrayed. Here I am, trying to fight (figuratively speaking) for what I believe in and I feel like I’m being accused of murder. You see, I am a Tea Party Supporter and I only want us to go back to the constitution. That’s it. Nothing more, nothing less. But wanting our Government to uphold our constitution is something that all Military and public officials must do. So, when I hear that people blame the TEA party or Sarah Palin, I take it personal because Senators like yourself look at our corner as if we are the trouble makers in the class room. We don’t make laws, policy and most of us don’t break laws. Yet, we are the first to be accused of inciting violence. Why is that? Can’t we all just do our jobs and take responsibility for our actions? Can’t one sick man in Arizona be a murderer without pointing at someone else? Are we to play the “lets pretend that people aren’t responsible for their actions” game? Sorry, I’d rather play the “Lets not kid ourselves” game. What are we coming to?
I’m also reading things on the internet that Democrats are working on a law that will outlaw any language that may be perceived as a threat. if a law like this is proposed, how will you vote? If it does pass, when is the crowning ceremony and also, which document is congress going to swear to protect because it can not be the Constitution. These kind of benefit are the kind in which Monarchs or dictators receive. Aren’t politicians suppose to be regular Americans? How can they be treated equally if they are treated like royalty? During election time, will all opponents be arrested for saying bad things about each other in every election or will you exempt yourselves?
I also hear that Congress is attempting to pass a gun control bill. But, if we take all guns away from law Abiding citizens, crime will not go down because they are law abiding. It’s time to stop punishing citizens for the behavior of a few nuts. Do you think that we should ignore the second amendment? Is that not part of the Constitution that you just took an oath to protect?

I think the anger is growing because all we hear is lies from our representatives and we are treated as if we are idiots. Lies from our News Media and Lies from our Administrative branch. Maybe if Congress would do what’s right for America and stop this politically correct garbage and give us the truth, no matter how much it hurts. That’s the only way we will get our country on the right track.


A TEA Partier that will not go away when the economy begins to recover.

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