Local boards can tax us out of our homes

April 5th Elections are important to your pocketbook

Source: http://www.examiner.com/will-county-libertarian-in-chicago/local-boards-can-tax-you-out-of-your-home

The April 5th election is the next decision that voters in Illinois will need to carefully think about. Candidates usually fall into Liberal, Conservative, self-serving, and somewhere out there. Local Boards which we will vote on in April affect each of us more than the crazy Liberals in Washington. I look at all the rules and regulations imposed by the Homer Glen Village Board. We have a tree ordinance, and the light ordinance that business hates, and the Village board loves. We need a permit to repair just about everything on our home, set- backs are anti- business, like most of their ordinances. Think of how much of your money is desired by other government bodies for expansion and providing us new better services. Maybe they should say Mr. Taxpayer, give me more of your money so I can do something to justify my position, and make me feel that you like me. The library, Fire Department, and especially the schools have Boards we elect. Often times, they are mere rubber stamps for the School Superintendent, Fire Chief, and Library President. We need to elect people that represent the taxpayer, people with character enough to stand up for those who are paying the bills. Many times the “Staff” recommends something and the Board blindly follows their opinion. The “Staff” usually does not live in the town where they work, don’t have to live with the things they shove down our throats, and need to look like they are doing something to earn their pay. Reports from the “Staff” are not Gods word. They are just a report, which is one side of an opinion.

Everything including most grants involves Boards using your money. They don’t understand for the most part that doing nothing, especially in a time of economic crisis may be in the best interest of the people paying the bills. Keeping things the same or cutting back could win more favor with the voters than spending Taxpayers money because you can. Voters understand that everything Government does cost money and we taxpayers will pay for it.

The Government is unionized. The Union fights for raises, better pensions, and benefits, because it is their function. Everything is voted on by local Boards. This is becoming unrealistic. There is no more money to pay for the negotiated contracts with increased pension benefits, and health care. The entire mess is unsustainable, some can retire at age 55 with 75% of their pay for the rest of their life. The Unfunded pension liability is but one cause of the demise of the State of Illinois. The only way to keep this mess going is to tax people out of their homes. The local fire, library, police, municipal, and school Boards vote on all budgets, contracts, wages, purchases, and spending for that Board. These Boards need to have people elected that will not be a rubber stamp, stop unrealistic contracts, end unsustainable pensions, spend responsibly, and stand firm for we the taxpayer.

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