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Notes on my remarks to the Illinois Tea Party Roundtable, held in Peoria on Sunday, November 20. Laurie Hellmer of Cook County Tea Party and Vivienne Porter of Homer/Lockport Tea Party co-chaired.

I didn’t say all of this, and I probably said other stuff, but working off my notes and memory, here it is:

If there is one thing I could say to the Tea Parties it is that “Tea Parties” is and must remain plural. There is not one single Tea Party.

This may seem trite, but the doltish hosts on CNN and the networks often ask what “the Tea Party” will think of some new policy question. The Tea Parties are individual, autonomous local groups led by highly capable and hard-working people. If they, or rather we, have the same opinion on an issue, it’s because that is how most Americans feel about it.

I see on the agenda is a time for stating our goals. My goal is simple. I want the total destruction of Marxism as an ideology. I want anyone who even breathes something about redistributing wealth to be laughed out of the public square.

A leader earlier spoke of defeating the RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) inside the Republican Party. That’s a worthy goal, but what is a RINO, really? No two of us are united in all of our views. A RINO, then, must be someone who is outside the mainstream of Republican ideology. The question, obviously, is where to draw the line.

But I say that’s the wrong way to look at it. Ask yourself why you got into this movement. It wasn’t power or to count heads. It was ideas, principles. It was ideology. There are those on the inside of the Republican Party and Democratic Party as well who don’t pursue ideology, but power.

Our fight is against those in the Republican Party who are interested primarily in power.

John Cornyn of the NRSC (National Republican Senatorial Committee) is a perfect example. John Cornyn is a conservative. He’s pro-life, pro-2nd Amendment, and pro-defense, and is otherwise for smaller government and lower taxes, generally. But Cornyn’s primary driver is power, especially the headcount in the Senate. He is the one who gave us Mark Kirk and Carly Fiorina and tried to clear the way for them in the primaries.

Consider some of the national Tea Party groups. They ask you for money and try to get you to fold your organization into theirs. They want your allegiance and to be able to speak for you.

Resist that. Beware anyone who would divide by amassing power.

So what are we to do? Someone said earlier that people were considering leaving the Republican Party if things got any worse. I say don’t abandon the Republican Party, take it over. And then take over the other parties, as well.

As Brian Milleville noted earlier, 51% of Ilinois precincts do not have a Precinct Committeeman. I see some puzzled looks.

The place where you go to vote is called your precinct. In both parties there is one person called the Precinct Committeeman who takes care of Get Out The Vote in that precinct. He recruits election judges and poll watchers. And only the elected Precinct Committeemen in a county get to vote for County Chairman.

We lost the governor’s race by about 20,000 votes on November 2nd. That is less than the number of registered Republicans who stayed home in any of several Illinois counties — St Clair, Madison, DuPage, Will, and of course Cook.

If we had had a functioning Republican Party in this past election would have won the Governorship. We now have to wait four more years of misery before we can try again, and sit helplessly by while the Democrats carry out redistricting.


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