Reports Update, Dream Act and the Bush Tax Cuts

Good evening folks,

Sorry I haven’t fired these reports off to you in awhile but like you, I have been busy with other patriotic issues.

To those of you who are new here is a briefing.

1.) Business Closings – This Excel spreadsheet contains a listing of businesses that have closed. In the same file you will find another list of businesses that have filed for bankruptcy.

2.) US Economic Status – The report is jam packed with many files of historic economic data to the present. Most of the data contained in it comes from the United States Federal government and some of it comes from web sources that the United States Federal refers to as reliable sources. These data for these reports is simply copied, formatted to excel data and then pasted into the sheet. I then consider the data to be 98.7% (gut feeling) reliable allowing 1.3% for reporting error and from preliminary reporting that will later be adjusted (the government has a bad habit of adjusting numbers).

3.) 2012 US Senate Race – This sheet contains a list of Senator’s that will be running for their seats (or lives depending how you look at it) in 2012. The information was collected from Wikipedia (no relation to wikileaks that I know of) and the source or website is at the bottom of the sheet. Note, that Wikipedia is an open ended site of which people can make changes and alter data, please approach the site with caution before using any of its information as fact.

Now again, some may say “Jesse, these Senators are not in my state or district so they don’t effect me.” Folks, it doesn’t matter and yes, it does effect you. This is a great misconception and a trap, don’t fall for it. Remember that the Federal Government collects taxes from all of us and can send your tax dollars to any state in the nation or any country for that fact, even though they came from your state! It is therefore imperative that we use this list tactfully to prevent unwanted legislation.


I have mixed feelings on this act as I have stated before and some may feel that I am cold hearted against my own people, this is not true. As many of you know I am of Mexican dissent and in my veins runs the blood of Russian, French, Spanish, Black and Indian blood but this is not the issue.

I believe that this law has the potential of creating more discord than help the people that it is intended to help. Honestly, I need more information to assure that if such a law is passed it will not harm others. One of the issues I have had, is districting fees. These fees occur when students from outside a district decide to attend a place of study and have to pay more for coming from outside the district. What I am concerned about is that a white child may decide to a college inside their district and have to pay their own way (or with mom and dad’s help) a certain rate. Another white child comes in from outside the district to attend the same college and pays the higher out of district fees or penalties. In the meantime, a child born of illegal parents enters the same college at lower fees and gets federal assistance (our tax dollars) for college because of their race or color. This to me is simply not fair and there can be no such excuse for such policies. Now, I don’t know if this is happening but again, I have no such assurances that such things don’t happen. Equality under the law means just that, equality and not preferential treatment for anyone.

The Bush Tax Cut Extensions

Nancy Pelosi is at it again that these are not increases but rather the expiration of a tax policy so it’s really not increase. I will ask everyone to begin a legal fund for me and if any of you are lawyers to please take up my case because I believe the only to communicate with this stupid woman is to slap her upside the head with the hope of loosening what ever it is that is stuck in her head (if she has anything in there at all).

The plain fact of the matter is that the government has taken the phrase, “…to promote the general welfare” to “…providing for the general welfare”, the latter of which is wrong. In my opinion, these powers need to belong to the individual states and that to promote the general welfare to means for our leaders to inspire Americans to be as charitable to their fellow man as they can. No matter what Obama has apologized for, no matter how much he has degraded our nation and its citizens, there is one fact that he cannot take away and that is that Americans, especially Christian Conservatives are among the most generous people in the world!

Now some may say that cutting welfare is hurtful and inhumane. Let’s be clear. There are those who are infirmed through not fault of their own make a living and take care of themselves. These folks are entitled to nothing, we however, are obligated by Our Creator to care for them. The Bible implies that there are many who can’t walk, that there are many who can walk but won’t and that’s where our challenge is, to inspire those who can walk to walk. To addict someone to an entitlement once a month or bi-monthly is morally wrong and only serves to conquer the weak rather than leaving behind the strong.

Conclusion, care must be taking that those who need help get help but we must also approach the subject or the issue on an individual basis and not a race or sect creating a welfare state. Remember that the Pilgrims also had a rule, those who would not work, would not eat and they had no government welfare programs or entitlements. As for the United States Government, may they be cursed for using the impoverished as a weapon or tactic for their own selfish political gain.

That’s all for know, all talk to you later.

Thanks again for your attention,

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