Pig Races vs. Katy Islamic Association (K.I.A)

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All has been well in Katy, TX……A suburban town just east of Houston. At the end of Baker Road residents have gone about their daily life, enjoying the tranquility of the neighborhood and the peace and fullfillment that owning your “little piece of heaven” is all about in America!

So why now are these once quiet, peaceful residents up in arms? What could possible have caused their “tail feathers” to ruffle?

Well, the answer is simple…The Katy Islamic Association (K.I.A.) has purchased 11 acres of property on that road and plans to build a mosque, and eventually a school and gym, in this quiet, non-pretenitious neightborhood.

They have JUST bought this property and already are complaining because of Craig Baker’s “pet pigs” and the fact that he will soon be having “Friday Night Pig Races” on HIS property that he/his family have OWNED FOR YEARS!! In fact, Baker Road was named my Mr. Baker’s family years ago!! Talk about having “roots” and ties to an area!!

Youssof Allam , a member of K.I.A. sees Mr. Baker’s pigs and his upcoming pig races as offense as “It’s (pig) looked upon as a dirty creature.”

So, my question…why the hell don’t they find another place to build their mosque? Residents and homeowners have already offerred to buy the land from the K.I.A. for over a million dollars, but another member of the Islamic Association, Alvi Muzfar, is not interested in the offer and states, “We’re not going anywhere.”

For the complete article please see Residents use pig races to deter building of mosque
So there’s the stale mate…….and here are some questions to ask yourself……

1. Would YOU want the “daily call” to prayer broadcast via speakers through your neighborhood 5 times per day?

2. Where are Mr. Baker’s rights, and the rights of the residents of that
neighborhood that have lived there for years?

3. What makes building a mosque more important than the rights of the majority of a neighborhood?

4. If Mr. Baker and his neighbors want to have “pig races” why shouldn’t they? Is one “offense” more important than another?

5. Where will this ALL end….??

For a “group” of people that say they want to be accepted, fit in, and enjoy “the American dream”, blah, blah, blah……the K.I.A. is already showing its “spots” and definitely will NOT be the cordial neighbors that Baker Street is use to having! And do you think that the complaints of offense by the K.I.A. will end with the “Pig Races”? Absolutely not…before long it will be just HAVING pigs in their presence will be an offense and so on, and so on, and so on….!! Where is THEIR tolerance? Oh…I’m sorry, it apparently doesn’t apply to them!? Foolish me…….

People, we had better wake up NOW….the majority (not all) of the Muslim population does not want to integrate INTO the American culture…they want to TAKE OVER the American culture!!

This COULD happen to you, your neighborhood, your town!! And for those that want to bitch at me, call me a bigot a racist or anything else you can think of…please go right ahead…and in fact, I invite you to call the K.I.A. and invite them to build their mosque next door to YOU and I’m sure that the residents of Baker Road will appreciate and thank you!!!

**** Update ****

A pic of pig races…not in Katy, but this is the fun they are wanting to have on Friday nights!! What’s the problem here?

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