Time to fight again – the Dream Act is Back

Posted by Judson Phillips on November 27, 2010 at 4:40pm

Source: http://www.teapartynation.com/forum/topics/time-to-fight-again

The turkey and dressing are barely gone, yet we jump back to the trenches for yet another fight.

Sometime next week, Harry Reid is going to try and bring the DREAM act back up for a vote in the lame duck congress. Hopefully, we have the votes to stop it.

For anyone who is not familiar with the DREAM act, it is stealth amnesty. Illegal aliens probably delivered to Harry Reid his margin of victory against Sharron Angle in the election earlier this month. Now it is payback time. While he still can, he is going to try and ram this bill through. Not only is it a disaster from the amnesty point of view, it is a budget buster as well.

Under this act:

Illegals under 35 (at least for now), can apply for legal status if they have a high school diploma or a GED and have enrolled in an “institution of higher learning.” Anyone want to be GED’s and “Institutions” are going to pop up faster tequila bottles in Tijuana?

They have to only complete “two years” of a program and they have eight years to get that done.

Once they complete this two-year program, then they are eligible for citizenship. That simple.

But, as they say on the late night TV commercials, but wait, this gets better. If the illegal cannot complete his two year program within eight years, they can apply for a waiver if they show their deportation would cause a hardship to a family member, a permanent US resident or… (drum roll please), to THEMSELVES!

Even worse, any information the illegal provides cannot be used against them for deportation proceedings! I kid you not. Not only that, but just by APPLYING for the DREAM act, all deportation proceedings are stopped.

Even worse than even worse, illegal alien criminals are not excluded from the DREAM act. They can participate, even if they have committed felonies in America.

And once someone is legalized under this measure, they can legalize all the members of their families to come to America. This is an immigration nightmare.

On Monday, we must act. First, call both of your Senators. The number for the Capitol Hill switchboard is (202) 224-3121. Call; ask for your Senator and they will connect you to his or her office. Tell them in no uncertain terms to vote against the DREAM act. Tell them you want them to vote against ending the filibuster of the DREAM act.

In Tennessee, we have to RINO’s who have mastered a great trick. They will vote for cloture (to end debate, which requires 60 votes), and then when the bill is up for an actual vote, and only requires a simple majority, they will vote against it. “I was for the bill before I was against the bill.” Doesn’t that sound familiar?

Tell your Senators to vote no on any vote related to the DREAM act.

Then call the Office of Senator Mitch McConnell. His number is (202) 224-2541. Tell them you are a Tea Party activist and this is one issue we will not forgive the Republicans for if they fail us. There are 41 Republican Senators. They can kill this bill. The good news is, there are also a few Democrats who might defect and help us out as well.

The GOP can stop this bill, if they are willing. We need to make them willing.

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