Liberal Hypocrites Exposed: 10 Most Hypocritical Sexual Scandals by Democratic Politicians of 2008-2010


Liberal Hypocrites Exposed: 10 Most Hypocritical Sexual Scandals by Democratic Politicians of 2008-2010
One thing both core political parties have in common is the appearance of a sex scandal every few months. It seems that citizens are diluted from feeling remorse for the politicians involved when we constantly hear of the silly ways they went about an affair while holding public office. While Republicans are scrutinized by the media, liberals have also had their share of sex scandals.

1. John Edwards fathers child with mistress. This was the most shocking sex scandal in the Democratic party and certain garnered the most attention. The news broke in The National Enquirer, buying Edwards and his camp time to go into PR overdrive to try and soften the blow. In the end, we found out Edwards cheated on his wife as she battled cancer, got the mistress pregnant, attempted to let a member of his staff take the fall and made a sex tape. Worst of all, Edwards repeatedly denied allegations of an affair only to have the mistress turn up pregnant and finally admitted he was the father shortly before the child’s second birthday. The media has had a field day with this one, giving us interviews with nearly everyone involved in the scandal from Edwards’ ex-wife to his aide, Andrew Young and his wife, who looked after Rielle Hunter far before the affair was made public. Once the charming Democrat that was a family man, Edwards’ big political hopes and dreams were shattered after he showed his true colors.

2. Representative Eric Massa resigns after groping young male staff member. Eric Massa was a Dem who voted against healthcare reform in early 2010, but he also had a long history of coming on to men. Shipmates from Massa’s years in the Navy came forward and talked of “Massa Massages,”which the Representative insisted on giving to his male roommates. Several young male staff members and interns said they were uncomfortable with Massa’s sexual banter in a professional setting and on at least two occasions, staff members were allegedly groped. Massa gave interviews after he resigned, telling Glenn Beck that he did indeed grope a staff member, he “tickled him [the staff member] until he couldn’t breathe.”Later in an interview with Larry King, Massa denied the allegations once again and theorized that powerful Democrats like Nancy Pelosi orchestrated the event to push him out due to his stance on the healthcare reform bill.

3. Mayor Gavin Newsom has an affair with his staff member’s wife. We’ll give Mayor Gavin Newsom of San Francisco the benefit of the doubt since he was in the midst of a divorce when his affair went down. Newsom is an advocate of the Catholic church, so why he went after a married woman was a less than stellar choice. Ruby Rippey Tourk was an aide in the Newsom camp and also the wife of Alex Tourk, Newsom’s campaign manager. Now happily married, the affair didn’t seem to make much of a difference in Newsom’s political career as he’s still seen as a rising star while retaining his golden child attributes.

4. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa The former Mayor of LA pushed family values and made sure his camp was pushing this to potential voters during campaigns. It was for this reason his staff was disturbed when they learned Villaraigosa was fooling around with his friend’s wife, all while his own wife was battling thyroid cancer. How’s that for family values? This occurred in the early ‘90s far before Villaraigosa would get caught in an affair with a local television reporter who covered City Hall. Like mere mortals, this tale proves that even politicians sometimes don’t learn the first time around. Villaraigosa finally admitted to the affair after his wife filed for divorce.

5. Congressman Tim Mahoney pays off mistress. Tim Mahoney beds a woman (who isn’t his wife) and then decides he can keep her shut with $121,000 and the promise of a $50,000 a year job with the agency that was handling his campaign ads. Mahoney maintains none of this was done with money received for the campaign. What makes this particular sex scandal so hilarious is that Mahoney was elected to office just two years prior to replace Republican Mark Foley. Foley was ousted after he engaged in sex chat with young boys over the Internet. Proof that no matter what party you support, there will always be bad apples.

6. Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann turns office into “raunchy frat party.” Attorney General Marc Dann resigned in May of 2008. It wasn’t easy since at first he denied allegations and went on to stay in office after admitting the truth. It was a scandal that rocked the state boat so much, major local publications apologized to readers for standing behind Dann in the 2006 elections. Ouch. Two women in Dann’s office came forward with allegations of sexual harassment. Trying to calm the waters, Dann put the accused on leave and went on to cheat on his wife with a woman in his office. Ultimately, seven investigations were underway and Dann resigned before being impeached. In 2009, he was fined with using his political account for security systems for his home and cell phone calls with family members .

7. Elliot Spitzer and his taste for prostitutes. This Democratic sex scandal rivals the John Edwards saga. New York Governor Eliot Spitzer was brought to national headlines when The New York Times broke a story that he was a known client of a prostitution service. Dubbed “Client 9,”Spitzer is said to have spent $80,000 over the course of several years on prostitutes. North Folk Bank reported suspicious transactions (as required) to the IRS since there were large sums of money. In an attempt to cover his tracks, Spitzer tried to remove his name from the wire transactions and the bank refused. The IRS later contacted the FBI after it was found out the money was going to a front for the prostitution service. Spitzer resigned since he faced being impeached if he chose to stay and the call girl in question, “Kristen,”went on to crash fashion shows and milk her 15 minutes of fame under her real name, Ashley Dupree.

8. Portland Mayor Sam Adams sleeps with an 18 year old intern. Mayor Sam Adams met an intern that was working for State Representative Kim Thatcher. Though rumors flew about the relationship between Adams and the underage intern, Adams argued that it was because they both fit the stereotype of gay men that these assumptions were being made. In January of 2009, Adams admitted he did have a sexual relationship with the intern, but insists it didn’t begin until the intern was of age. Still, the progressive city of Oregon didn’t have a problem with the sex scandal and several gay activists and the local LGBTQ chamber of commerce came out to defend Adams.

9. Racine, Wisconsin Mayor courts faux 14 year old girl online. Rancine, Wisconsin Mayor Gary Becker takes the cake for disgusting sex scandal of recent history. Becker took his computer to be serviced and like all bright politicians handed the hard drive over which contained images of underage girls in provocative poses and sexual activity. The smart tech turned the information over to the authorities who further investigated Becker, leading to an arrest by FBI agents in a Wisconsin mall where Becker went to meet a 14 year old girl. An agent posed as a 14 year old girl and chatted with Becker online. Becker promised to buy the girl items at Victoria’s Secret and alluded to going to a hotel room for the girl to model for him. The plan backfired when Becker was approached by a FBI agent in the food court of the mall and admitted the man on the other end of the online log was indeed him. Becker resigned from office in January of 2009.

10. Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick loves text messaging. Who says sexting is only for teenagers? Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick got in on the trend as far back as 2002. Kilpatrick decided to keep his affair at the work place (always a wise move) and started sleeping with his chief of staff, Christine Beatty. This scandal blew up because it’s now known that the city’s attorneys were aware of the text messages since 2004 and tried to keep them quiet since the chat took place on city-leased cell phones. While this scandal didn’t cause Kilpatrick to resign from office, he would later get himself into more hot water in September of 2008 by assaulting a police officer. He pleaded no contest, lost his state pension and license to practice law and is serving a five year probation period.

When it comes to politics, it’s choosing between the lesser of two evils. Individuals from both ends of the political spectrum insist on putting their foot in their mouth when it comes to making choices behind closed doors. Somehow, in the heat of the moment, they think they’ll be the only one to keep their secret from the public.

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