Oklahoma, Texas, Sharia Law, Supreme Court, and Thomas Jefferson

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Why create a second judicial system in the United States?

In Texas, the state approved a Sharia Law court system. In Oklahoma, a November vote banned (SQ755) Sharia Law but then the attorney general and judge blocked the ban after the people voted against it.

Below there is information on what is happening in different states. Look at what devout muslim, Dr. M. Judhi Jasser said about the Oklahoma Ban on Sharia Law and what is happening in England. Second, listen to what Wafa Sultan had to say, who lived 30 years under Sharia Law. Third, take some time to understand Thomas jefferson’s writings on the Constitution and church and state. He was a religious man but also conflicted because he understood what it meant to live under a big government, church and state regime. He understood the importance of putting a check and balance system on Congress and understood the importance of respecting religions without government interference.

An Article by Christine Brim below:

“A vote to confirm Elena Kagan’s nomination (Now United States New Supreme Court Judge) will bring a liberal, pro-Shariah justice to our highest Court. And if she is confirmed, her behavior as Obama’s Solicitor General indicates she will refuse to recuse herself on any Shariah-related decision but instead will lead the charge to legitimate Shariah law in America.” (More on Kagan’s record in the link)

To understand what is happening today, you need to take a look back at history.

Continue to educate each other.

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Oklahoma Bans Sharia Law

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What did Dr. M Juhdi Jasser, A devout Muslim, from American Islamic Forum For Democracy, have to say about the Oklahoma ban:

“SQ755 is not about religious freedom or minority rights. It is about the inviolable sanctity of the U.S. constitution and our country’s foundational belief in a legal system based in one law that is based in reason and individual rights guaranteed by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The law has no impact on the personal practice of Islam or the personal interpretation of “shariah” (God’s law to a Muslim), but rather SQ755 focuses on shariah as a total legal system that the people of Oklahoma wanted to make clear shall not be used or respected systemically in deciding law in Oklahoma. CAIR’s assertion that it is akin to France’s ban of the hijab or personal head covering for women is absurd. There is no evidence that this law prevents any of the personal manifestation of the practice of Islam or the use of personal religious principles in arguing law based in reason in state or federal court. Shariah as a legal system can just not be used as prima facie evidence in court.

SQ755 also thus prevents the establishment of separate shariah or Islamic courts in Oklahoma. As we have seen in Britain, Islamists have transformed the British arbitration system to the point that they are operating upwards of 85 shariah courts now. These courts are mostly operated out of mosques in Britain. While they claim that the courts are voluntary, as Canadians voiced loudly in their rejection of shariah courts, these groups exploit tribal pressures and coercion within Muslim communities in order to circumvent the one law and one legal system of Britain and western nations. It is naïve and ignorant to believe that such courts are purely “voluntary”. Just ask many of the women who get pressured through them and pressured to stay “out of western un-Islamic courts.”

Full article is here: http://www.aifdemocracy.org/news.php?id=6302
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What Is Sharia Law?

Definition :
The code of law derived from the Koran and from the teachings and example of Mohammed; “sharia is only applicable to Muslims”; “under Islamic law there is no separation of church and state”

Why Sharia Law Can Threaten America By Wafa Sultan
(Wafa Sultan lived for Three Decades Under Sharia Law In Syria)

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Thomas Jefferson, Wall Of Seperation And The Supreme Court

Judeo Christian Roots Of Americans Founding Ideals And Documents

Amendment 1 To The Constitution – Freedom Of Religion and Press

Jeffersons Wall Of Seperation Letter

“The unedited draft of the Danbury Baptist letter makes it clear why Jefferson drafted it: He wanted his political partisans to know that he opposed proclaiming fasts and thanksgivings, not because he was irreligious, but because he refused to continue a British practice that was an offense to republicanism. To emphasize his resolve in this matter, Jefferson inserted two phrases with a clenched-teeth, defiant ring: “wall of eternal separation between church and state” and “the duties of my station, which are merely temporal.” These last words — “merely temporal” — revealed Jefferson’s preoccupation with British practice. Temporal, a strong word meaning secular, was a British appellation for the lay members of the House of Lords, the Lords Temporal, as opposed to the ecclesiastical members, the Lords Spiritual. “Eternal separation” and “merely temporal” — here was language as plain as Jefferson could make it to assure the Republican faithful that their “religious rights shall never be infringed by any act of mine.”

Debate and Thomas Jeffersons Unedited Document Here: http://www.loc.gov/loc/lcib/9806/danbury.html

Exploring Constitutional Conflict

1803 Marbury vs Madision, The First Supreme Court Desicion

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