How to Print a Sample Ballot with the Homer/Lockport Tea Party Endorsements:

Join the Homer/Lockport Tea Party by going to

You can bring your sample ballot into the poll with you!!!!

1. Go to

2. On the website type in your address, and click the Find button

3. Your polling location will appear first.

4. Click on the “November 2, 2010 General Election” link, this will display your ballot

5. Your Ballot will now appear on screen

6. Select the Homer/Lockport Tea Party under “Show Endorsements by”

< 7. The Homer/Lockport endorsements are highlighted in green on your sample ballot. 8. You may also mark up the ballot with “check marks” on the candidates and issue you would like to vote for. 9. At the bottom of your ballot you will see a Print Selections or Print Sample Ballot – we recommend printing the sample ballot.

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