Issac Hayes Needs Volutneers

A message from Issac Hayes Campaign – Candidate for 2nd Congressional District

Hello Wonderful Volunteers,

Just wanted to email you about a few things we have going on the next couple days!

Here is the list of train stations for next week:

211th St. (Lincoln Hwy.) – Oct 25th – 6AM to 7AM
Olympia Fields – Oct 26th – 6AM to 7AM
Flossmoor – Oct 27th – 6AM to 7AM
Homewood – Oct 28th – 6AM to 7AM
Calumet – Oct 29th – 6AM to 7AM
Hazel Crest – Nov 1st – 6 AM to 7AM
Harvey – Nov 2nd – 6AM to 7AM
147th St. (Sibley Blvd.) – Nov 2nd – 7AM to 8AM

Campaign Office
17066 S Park Ave, South Holland

Please RSVP if you can come out and join us anytime from 5- 8:30 PM

Let’s get this work done!! Phone calls are the fastest way to get the word out!
We have just 12 Days left to get the word out!!

Saturday we are planning to walk Chicago Heights and will do so as long as the
weather is pleasant.
Please meet at
Dunkin Donuts, 3225
Chicago Rd, Chicago Heights, IL

If there is rain we will be meeting at our campaign office for a light
breakfast and phone banking!

Please meet at:
Campaign Office
17066 S. Park Ave.
South Holland, IL

Please call me at (708)601-5825 if you have questions about the weather.

I can’t stress to you enough the importance of letting people know about Isaac!!

Let us not wake up November 3rd and say “”if I only did more” or “what if ?”

We can do this!! See you this weekend!!

Rebekah L Moore
Volunteer Coordinator
Isaac Hayes, Republican Nominee
Illinois 2nd Congressional District

Please remember Early Voting is open until October 28th. To find your polling place please go to: VOTE COUNTS!! Take your friends & neighbor’s with you too!!

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