10 Things for Congress to do During the Lame Duck Session

Post from Tea Party Nation

Left to their own devices, I’m afraid the present Congress will do something like pass the carbon tax during the lame duck session when they have “nothing to lose.” I therefore have the following suggestions for other activities:

1. Sit down and read the Health Care bill. Every page.

2. Draft a resolution apologizing to the American people for ignoring their wishes that the Health Care Bill, Stimulus Bill, and TARP Bill not be passed. Perhaps join hands and sing a chorus of “You’re the Tops” on CSPAN.

3. Have Nancy Peloski testify on why she required a budget of over $1 Million per year to fly on AF jets. Also have her explain why she needed to have about $100,000 in food costs, and why the tax payers needed to pay for any of her alcohol bills. Perhaps also encourage her to sing a rendition of “I’m Sorry.”

4. Pass a bill banning the use of AF aircraft by Congress or their staffers for any travel where the destination is within 300 miles of a commercial airport. Instead require Coach class travel and passing through the airport screening lines with everyone else. Include in the legislation a ban on taxpayer funding of alcohol purchases except for State dinners.

5. Have Michelle Obama testify on why she needs to have the vast staff she employs and why her travel to Spain with dozens of her “closest friends” was necessary.

6. Pass a bill limiting First Lady staff to one individual and limiting her budget for travel to $10,000 per year.

7. Have the former head of the IPCC, who is now a global warming skeptic, in to testify on why he changed his opinion. At the same hearing, have Al Gore give details on if/how he will benefit financially if carbon trading is passed. Also ask him to provide information on his personal energy use.

8. Repeal the Health Care bill.

9. Have the tenth amendment posted in 2-foot letters in the Capital building in the House and Senate chambers.

10. Develop a plan on how the billions of 1099’s they will receive due to the Health care Bill will be processed and develop a budget to implement the plan.

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