Jesse’s Issues Update-Wm Kelly, Target & a New Gas Tax

Two New Issues & A Follow Up

1. William Kelly has now reportedly filed charges against Jay Levine and a warrant for Levine’s arrest has also supposedly been issued. There are a few people that feel that Kelly has gone overboard on this issue and that he is making something about nothing but a little spat, I disagree. Freedom of the Press is something that is very near and dear to me and I believe that it should never be infringed upon. For too long, the public has been mislead and misinformed by left wing giant mogul stations who believe that the air, line and cable waves belong to them and them alone. They also seem to believe that they know what’s better for you when it comes to what you should know and not know. I also believe that each and every one of you can listen to two sides and then have the intelligence to decipher what’s true, what’s a lie, what’s wrong, what’s right and then conclude what is right for yourselves. I stand by Bill Kelly and he and people should know that he has my strong support as no media wing has a right to decide who’s a journalist and who isn’t.

2. has targeted Target stores for a nationwide boycott after some top officials made campaign contributions to pro business Republicans citing that they are trying to buy the elections and have incorporated the donators as anti-gay as well (you may visit the Huffington Post for the story). As a reaction, I went shopping today at Target which I never do and I encourage you to forward this email asking folks to shop at Target for time period now through the Election Day. What this left wing group left out was that President Barrack Obama has also received donations from business, banks, Wall Street and also opposes gay marriages. Now I’m not asking that you go on a shopping spree but please patronize Target.

3. New Gasoline Tax – President Barrack Obama Has Proposed a 25 cent per gallon gasoline tax to fix America’s highway’s and infrastructure. This comes right on the heels of a story by the New York Times where Obama has finally admitted there is no such thing as a Shovel Ready Project which the Stimulus Package was supposed to have addressed. In an essence, this administrations seeks to keep taxing your hard earned dollars for experimental projects and they feel that if they fail, they simply tax you some more. It is for this reason that American’s are saying Enough Is Enough! (Click For – Full Story at FOX News)


4. On The Jobs Front – The most recent US Economic report that I do will be coming out soon. Frighteningly, the report will show that this October job losses this month will be higher than 2007, 2008 and 2009.

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