Leftist group advising Homeland Security ops

This article below kind of worries me. I remember that Obama was looking to get a kill switch on the internet, which happens to be the same way that Tea parties organize. Now the Tea Party is getting into the sights of Homeland Security for reasons that nobody has explained. If they target Tea Party groups and the people begin to rise against it’s Tyrannical government, all they have to do is kill the internet to halt communications. I bet they learned quite a bit after watching the Iranians twitter what was going on and are working on a way to fight that kind of tactic. After seeing this article, I really wonder what this administration is up to.

Timothy McVeigh was no Tea Partier. He was an Anarchist and hated the government. After reading Jana Davis’s “Third Terrorist” I am convinced that there was an Islamic link to that bombing and they are changing it to look as if the Tea Party is capable of doing such a thing. Name one instance where a Tea Partier has caused violence. They can not, but that doesn’t stop them from painting us with the extremist brush. I can tell you one thing, if anyone tries to destroy this country, they will find out what Extremists are.

Then there are these reports that “radical ideologies based on Christian views” but ignores any radical beliefs among Islam. Last time I checked, the Twin towers weren’t knocked down by Christians. Scary times ahead.

Leftist group advising Homeland Security ops

Contributes to report about using social services to battle ‘extremism

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