Homer Glen High School – Village Planning to Build a High School with Home Rule

Currently, the village of Homer Glen is looking at using “Home Rule” and federal “Build America Bonds” to build a high school for Homer Glen. This funding would only cover the construction costs of the building. The land would have to be purchased from Lockport High School District 205. Upon completion of the high school District 205 would be in charge of operating the school, and the Village of Homer Glen would be leasing the building to the district.

On the School Board Side:
Three Proposed Plans To Relieve Overcrowding
The District 205 Board of Education currently is considering three proposed plans to relieve overcrowding, as presented at its August 3 special board meeting. The three plans include building an addition at East campus, making a referendum request to extend current bonds and the Homer Glen proposal to enter into a lease agreement for a new campus. Please click here to learn more about each proposal. The Board of Education is scheduled to further discuss this issue at its next board meeting at 7 p.m. August 16.

District 205 Office Phone Number: 815-588-8100
More Information on the proposed high school:

SouthTown Star Article – Homer Glen Plan Attractive to SD 205

SouthTown Star Article – Lockport Pushing for greater Student Achievement

The proposal, the concerns & the questions:
Build America Bonds are stimulus money, plan and simply. We realize that that money is going to go somewhere but at what point do we say no to be being bribed with our own money!
So the Village of Homer Glen starts receiving their lease payments from District 205 where does that money go – to pay back the debt on the bonds or does that go into a general fund?
No one seems to want to tackle the question of taxes, be it property taxes, municipal taxes or federal taxes – the school has to be paid for, and taxes will go up.
Should a municipal tax be deemed necessary to service the debt for the new school, that tax can only be leveled upon the residents of the Village of Homer Glen; yet the school will be available to all students of school district 205 even if they do not live in the village of Homer Glenn.
This will all be done without a referendum! Let the will of the people be heard.
District 205 Report Card shows an average class size of 21.4, does this deem that we need a whole new school? What about an addition vs a whole new school?
Isn’t enrollment decreasing?

The outside consulting firm “Consortium for Educational Change” is run by the Illinois Education Association (aka the Illinois Teacher’s Union) used to study school improvements like using face & twitter is just another example of the irresponsible use of our tax dollars!

Let your friends in Homer Glen know what’s going but you also need to notify your friends in Lockport, Joliet and Crest Hill because this effects all us.

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