Your Commentaries On: Homer Township Attacked by the Huffington Post

Love it!! Let’s keep them talking.
Means they are terrified !

My family supports Homer Township
And only wishes the rest of this corrupt
State would do the same!!

From Anna

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Right on Homer Township – now we need to go farther – Sheriff Kaupas, what is it about illegal you do not understand.

From Mel

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I don’t understand what needs to be defended we live in America we speak English I called ComEd today and twice had to ask them to speak English Don’t like it go where they speak Spanish

From Diane

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Good for Homer … they’re showing some kahones!
Speak up, America!!!!

The *** rule the world. Look at what obama is letting the black panthers get away with. You’re only racist if you’re white. The other folks get away with murder, literally.

From Gramwk

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