Your Commentaries On: Firing of U of I Professor

To All it Should Concern;

As an American, an Illinois Resident, a Constitutional Conservative Republican and as a father of six children, I am writing out of concern for our educational institutions and their ability to remain significant. My children will be attending schools within Illinois as my wife and I had. The absolute bias against our First Amendment rights when a institution cowers to either avoid the appearance of exclusion or to further the broad agenda of those that use the Constitution when it is convenient for them, yet ignore its presence when it provides them no benefit is appalling.

The University of Illinois should open their fragile eyes to view the entire spectrum of what is happening in America. It is a reawakening of values and of our Constitution. As a proud American, I am grateful to see steadfast and honorable companies being rewarded. The University of Illinois does not need to look far or wide to notice the direction and the flow of American money. Without which, the University of Illinois shall struggle.
Companies such as Ford Motor Company, profitable because Americans realize that which deserves to be saved.

I am writing my Congressmen, Congresswoman and Senators to ask for State & Federal Funding to be halted to the University. The violation of the First Amendment is cause enough.

I ask you, whilst knowing the answer. Would the University of Illinois fire a Muslim teacher for teaching the Koran in an elective class? The Bible in the toilet would be considered art, yet the Koran in the toilet falls into a hate crime?

Kristopher P.
Homer Glen, IL

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