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Many of you have heard about the professor who taught Catholicism at the University of Illinois who was fired for teaching the official Church position on homosexuality. What you may not know is that it is my father-in-law which gives me somewhat a personal stake in the matter. The details are pretty simply. A homosexual student took his class for the purpose of saying he suffered class room hate speech and he flopped via anonymous complaint made through a friend. The University proceeded to have an extensive e-mail train (including my father-in-law on much of this) and then fired him. Regardless of what your position on homosexuality may be, surely we all believe in the First Amendment in teaching material germane to the class should be protected (it wasn’t like this was an engineering class, you took this class because you wanted to take a class on Catholicism, it isn’t required).

The good news is that the University was stupid enough to document everything, much of which is already in our possession. The Alliance Defense Fund is also taking up the matter and issued a demand to reinstated him immediately. Below is a post with the contact information to make your views known to the officials responsible. The message we’ve been carrying is that Free Speech is still required at public Universities and they can’t simply fire people for engaging in speech that not only is objectively true (the Catholic Church does in fact believe homosexual acts are wrong, this is no secret) but may be unpopular.

I’m writing this to you to help get the word out and allow for the University to hear that this kind of behavior won’t be tolerated. Thank you!

My blog on incident (hopefully will also be on BigGovt today):

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Contact info for UI officials: http://www.parttimepundit.com/politics/contact-information-university-illinois-howell-firing/

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