Stand with Arizona, Prescott Valley Freedom Rally

Eventhoug this event is in Prescott, AZ. We fet that this is an important update for you to know about, that the Tea Party Movement is very active across the country and I know that we have members of our group that do attend these out of stae rallies when they can.

Saturday, July 24th / Prescott Arizona

“We The INFORMED People” ( will be hosting the “Prescott Valley Freedom Rally” from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. in the Entertainment District (by Harkins Theaters) .

We will have local and national speakers joining us to celebrate freedom and motivate people to get involved in the political process.

Speakers and entertainers include:

Victoria Jackson – Comedian From Saturday Night Live. Victoria, a Patriot and Conservative, will be our keynote speaker for the Rally. Check out Victoria on our website

Darla Dawald – National Director of Affiliated with The Tea Party Express, and Learn more at:

POLATIK- David Saucedo – Patriot and Rap Artist. Putting his patriotism on display though speaking and rap music which will get your attention with hard hitting patriotic lyrics. Take a look at this talented young man at the following link –

Terry Lovell – Yavapai College (known as The Professor of Freedom) and radio host on KYCA 1490, Prescott, AZ.

Hank Giesecke – Pastor at Living Faith Christian Center, board member of Yavapai Tea Party and local speaker on a wide range of subjects including the Constitution, Globalism, World Views, Creationism, Disaster Preparation and much more.

Quang Nguyen – Local businessman and a Vietnamese immigrant. Also producer for The Patriot Network on YouTube. Representing legal immigrants who truly have a love for freedom and liberty. Visit Quang at

Dwayne LeSassier – Local Tea Party advocate and singer.

Darrell Rowader (Prescott Valley) Local music teacher for Liberty Traditional School – Tenor for Phoenix Philharmonic

Can you donate? We need your assistance. Anyone who already has PayPal can log in and send money to:
wecandoit @

Donate Here:

As you know these kinds of events cost money! We are coming to you with a request. Would you help sponsor the speakers that we are bringing in?

Your choice! Who would you like to sponsor?

We are looking to the community of the QUAD-CITY area and beyond to ease the financial burden of bringing this event and these speakers to you!

If you would like to write a check make checks payable to:
We The INFORMED People then mail to:

We The INFORMED People
P.O. Box 25192
Prescott Valley, AZ 86312
OR if you would like to make a cash donation call
JOHN MOSIER at 928-830-6863 or PETE WALTER at 928-848-4935

We can’t wait to see you there! Please join us in beautiful Prescott Valley Arizona!

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