Chicago Machine Disenfranchises Voters of Illinois’ 43rd State Senate District

This is a “cut-and-paste” from Cedra’s facebook page today:
July 7, 2010 at 1:27 pm

Today is a sad day for freedom. Today, our most basic right, the right to vote, the right to give consent to those who will govern us, has been trampled upon. People are dying all over the world, dying in Iraq and Afghanistan for the basic right to vote, yet here in America, the voters of Illinois’ 43rd State Senate District have had their right to vote stolen by a handful of Chicago Machine politicians.

You see, this is not about me, but about the voters of Illinois’ 43rd State Senate District. I will continue to fight for the voters of the 43rd District to at least have a choice in November, as they deserve to exercise their most basic right to vote for their next State Senator.

My team is filing an appeal in circuit court where we are confident that we will prevail.

As evidenced by today’s ruling, the Chicago Machine does not trust the voters of Illinois’ 43rd State Senate District to make the right decision in November. In their flagrant attempt to knock me off the ballot, the Chicago Machine, thugs in suits, brought in Michael Kasper, their top election law attorney who has represented the likes of Richard Daley, Rahm Emanuel, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

The Democrat controlled Will County Board of Elections has taken almost 7 weeks to grant me a hearing only after my attorney requested a hearing on his initial motion to strike down the objection to my petition for office.

Other election boards, including Cook County, Chicago and the Illinois State Board of Elections have ruled quickly and rejected the same arguments asserted by Michael Kasper. The Will County Board of Elections has delayed ruling on the motion to strike in an effort to stall my campaign and inhibit my ability to fundraise and get my message out. Where justice is delayed, justice is denied.

The Chicago Machine is not interested in justice or ideas, but whatever they can do to maintain their power. The nation is witnessing Chicago Machine politics in Washington DC and my
ampaign is ground zero in our battle for freedom from the tyranny of the Chicago Machine.

The Chicago Machine is afraid of me because I am a conservative, black woman, backed by the Tea Party, with a winning message that is winning over typical Democrat constituencies.

My opponent is nothing but a tool of the Chicago Democratic Machine and the only way he can “win” is if there is no one challenging him on the November ballot. My opponent has helped to economically destroy Illinois while he voted himself pay raises in the process. My opponent was appointed in 2005, never faced a serious challenge, and expects to coast into another term as State Senator.

I am willing to expose the sham of the Chicago Machine Democrats starting with the election scams they run to disenfranchise voters. While the people of Illinois are losing their jobs and homes and are unsure of their children and grandchildrens’ futures, Chicago Machine politicians are busy running election scams and wasting taxpayer time and money to maintain their power.

Enough is enough. With your help, we will go from one mom, to one nation against the Chicago Machine.

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