How is the Government Hindering Clean Up?

This bill was put in place to protect the Unions against foreign countries performing their jobs in American waters. Kind of funny when you think of illegal immigration and the Administration………

By failing to waive The Jones Act -The Jones Act (officially The Merchant Marine Act of 1920 P.L. 83-644 particularly Section 27) covers all maritime commerce in US waters. This would include the use of boats involved in the oil spill disaster including those in the inter-coastal waterway and some of the passes into Choctawhatchee Bay. The technical term is “cabotage” which is any and all trade or navigation between two points in the same country and with it the implied right of a nation to control or limit said trade or navigation within its own borders. In practical terms it is used as a form of protectionism to exclude foreign shipping from coastal trading within a nation’s own waters. Please note the operative word is “Navigation” since Federal sovereignty extends to “Navigable Waters” and under Admiralty Law “Navigation” means operating a vessel on navigable waters for any commercial purpose; as well as, the actual act of navigation.

Not just the President, but the Department of Homeland Security Chief, has the ability to waive The Jones Act. But President Obama has still not waived it. It only takes the President 15 minutes of his precious time. No Act of Congress Required! …. (Mr. Obama could sign between holes on the golf course). We are knocking, but no one is answering. Many leaders do have the ability to waive the Jones Act – so who is going to step up to the plate and do the right thing for our nation?

Government Agencies Must Get Out Of The Way

The Environmental Protection Agency and the “Clean Water Act”. There is large and small equipment (both US and foreign) available to recover oil. This equipment has been refused because the equipment discharges water back into the Gulf that is only 90 to 98% clean of the oil. Our EPA has a problem with the discharge having a small amount of oil in it. The EPA will not allow any residue. Isn’t 90%- 98% removal much better than none at all?

A permit to build sand berms to protect the Chandeleur Islands, critical nesting habitat for the brown pelican, was issued after a one month delay. The Interior Assistant Secretary Tom Strickland agreed that the area needed protection, “But the berms have to be built right so they don’t compromise the barrier islands, which serve as a first line of defense against storm surges and hurricanes.” Dredging was halted and the State of Lousiana was ordered to dredge the sand from an alternate site, when bureaucrats decided that dredging would compromise the tidal patterns. Louisiana officials asked for a week’s extension to move the pipe to the alternate area – it was denied and the dredging was ordered halted. Billy Nungesser, the President of Plaquemines Parrish was livid.

The Coast Guard stopped the skimming efforts that were underway and pulled vessels back to the docks for 24 hours in order to check for life jackets and fire extinguishers. This is absurd. Why can’t the US Coast Guard get it priorities straight?

Foreign ships can stay off the US shore but they still require approval by the US Coast Guard and the Environmental Protection Agency. Too much red tape – not enough action during a crisis!

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