A letter To Our Senators on Elena Kagan, New Supreme Court Nominee

Hello Everyone,

First, a look into her history and different points of view into her background:

Biography of Elena Kagan

Solicitor General Elena Kagan is an unsurprising choice for the US Supreme Court, but her judicial philosophy is hard to define

The Not-So-Hidden Message Beneath Elena Kagan’s Nomination
Myths and Falsehoods of Elena Kagan (George Soros and David Axelrod media engine and supporter of Elena Kagan)

A Letter to Our Senators (Please feel free to copy and paste)

President Obama’s nomination of Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court is irresponsible. A Supreme Court nominee ought to have significant practical experience as a lawyer or a judge — especially a nominee for the nation’s highest court. She does not have the practical experience as a lawyer or judge interpreting the Constitution of The United States.

I will be paying close attention to this nomination. With looming constitutional battles ranging from Obamacare to illegal immigration, the United States Senate should ensure that only a justice who will strictly interpret the U.S. Constitution is approved. There’s no reason to believe that Ms. Kagan meets this standard. Given the stakes, every U.S. Senator should know that the upcoming vote on Ms. Kagan will be as closely watched as their votes on Obamacare.


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