Regarding the Passage of the Health Care

From – Steve Kim, Republican Nominee for Illinois Attorney General

Health care reform is an important issue that must be pursued in a
bi-partisan manner. The health care bill signed by the President is not
such a piece of legislation.

Furthermore, this health care legislation is in direct violation of the
Commerce Clause as the Constitution has never given the authority to
Congress to mandate an individual to make a purchase of a service or a

One’s life and health and how they choose to live it are not a privilege,
but a right that Congress should never impede upon. The claim that
requiring individuals to purchase automobile liability insurance as
precedent for a requirement to purchase health insurance is not a valid
argument. In the case of automobile liability insurance, a driver’s license is not a right but a privilege that can be taken away and has certain thresholds that must be met to obtain one. In the case of health insurance, this is a personal choice of the individual on what safeguards they choose to have in the case of their own medical care.

Additionally, Congress does not have the constitutional right to regulate non-interstate commerce. While Congress has used its taxing power to fund Social Security and Medicare, never before has it used its commerce power to mandate that an individual person engage in an economic transaction with a private company.

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