What’s the significance of the questions in the 2010 Census?

How do they relate to the hiring of 16,000 new IRS?

How does the Census relate to identifying family members in prison or jail? Isn’t this a voting block the President feels is not utilized by Law at the present time?

How does the Census relate to the Health Care Bill?

How does the regulation requiring insurers to cover children to age 26 relate to the Income Threshold? (TAX THE RICH; HOUSEHOLDS?)

The 2010 Census asks very detailed questions regarding:
#3. Is this a house, apartment, or mobile home?
Owned by you or someone in this household with a mortgage or
loan? Include home
Include home equity loan.

Owned by you or someone in this household free and clear (without a mortgage or


Occupied without payment of rent?

#5. Please provide information for each person living here. Start with a person living here who owns or rents this house, apartment, or mobile home. If the owner or renter lives somewhere else, start with any adult living there. This will be person 1.
What is the persons name?

#7. What is Person 1’s age and what is Person 1’s date of birth?
Please report babies as age 0 when the child is less than 1 year old.
Print number in boxes.

Age on April1, 2010 Month Day Year of Birth

#10. Does Person 1 sometimes live or stay somewhere else?

In college housing
In the military
At a seasonal or second residence
For child custody
In jail or prison
In a nursing home
For another reason

You are asked to complete these questions for every household member. Talk about doing the legwork for the IRS.
This information gets passed on to the Sec. of the HHS and will be passed on to the Individual States.

You ask why?

Title II: Role of Public Programs-Subtitle A: Improved Access to Medicaid-(Sec2001, as modified by Section 10201) beginning in calendar year 2014.
(Sec. 2002) Requires a state to use an individual’s or household’s modified gross income to determine eligibility for non-elderly individuals, without applying any income or expense disregards or assets or resources test.

Subtitle B: Enhanced Support for the Children’s Health Insurance Program
(Sec. 2101, as modified be Sec. 10201)
Requires a state CHIP plan, beginning January 1, 2014, to use modified gross income and household income to determine CHIP eligibility.

Subtitle D: Medicare Part D Improvements for Prescription Drug Plans and MA-PD Plans (Sec. 3308)
Requires part D enrollees who exceed certain income thresholds to pay higher premiums. Revises the current authority of the IRS to disclose income information to the Social Security Administration for purposes of adjusting the part B subsidy.

TitleX: Strengthening Quality Affordable Health Care for All Americans-Subtitle A: Provisions Relating to Title 1-(Sec. 10108)
Defines “qualified employee” as an employee whose required contribution for such coverage and household income fall within a specified range.

At a time when there are few full time and more part time employment opportunities
All members or the Household’s Income will be considered; this includes the dependents up to age 26.

Does this give you any indication of WHO WILL BE TAXED?

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