Homer Glen Trustees getting Dizzy from all the SPIN

In an open letter to the citizens of Homer Glen 2-8-10 George Yukich calls Homer Glen Trustees Ward, Knaack, Yukich, and Neimeic’s decision to purchase the Dunn Farm despite over 450 residents saying no, a business decision that would be an economic advantage for Homer Glen. Yukich referring to the people, said you don’t know what you are talking about. Mr Yukich, member of Laurel Wards Gang said the information Balich presented as inaccurate, and meant to incite, scare, and mislead. Residents can decide if the following statements indicate a business decision that gives Homer Glen an economic advantage.
1. Trustees said in the Southtown Star “The appraisal Has no Bering on the Price” I guess using a 2 year Old Appraisal given by the Seller was a good idea.
2. The numerous forms of contamination on the property did not detour the Trustees from wanting to make the purchase until after it was exposed at the public meeting, forced by the Planning Commission.
3. The transparent open government was buried by discussion in closed secession, only to have the vote to purchase in public hearing.
4. Where was the archaeological study, soil study for gas and oil contaminidation?
5. This purchase was based on an 8% increase in sales tax revenue at a time when all businesses are struggling. Laurel Ward cited All the jobs that were coming with Silver Cross Hospital, but did not say Silver Cross is being built in New Lenox. Failing to meet payments would force a municipal property tax.
6. If ward and her gang of Trustees don’t find a way to cause a debt backed by the 1% sales tax, Homer Glen will loose the ability to tax without a referendum after Home Rule status is lost. I don’t trust Home Rule as far as taxes are concerned.
7. Daley is the only one who understood the economic situation we are in and withdrew Woodbine, his desired parcel. Daley is now looking at getting Developer Contributions to get land at no cost, and the sports clubs are looking at leasing open space from the Township. Lets not forget using land that will eventually be used for fields owned by the school.
Yukich in his letter says he still supports the Dunn Farm Proposal citing potential benefits, and much needed park land. The Forest Preserve has over 1800 acres and the Township has 280 acres of open land. Do you the resident agree with Ward, Knaack, Neimeic, and Yukich, or do you think Balich is trying to give misinformation. The appraisal shows Trustees are willing to pay between $2,500,00 and 5,200,000 to much depending on the value of the unusable land.
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