Meeting Schedule:


The Founders Club – School Board Candidate Forum

March 2,2015 at 7pm

Lockport Moose Lodge
1557  110E. 10th St. Lockport



Mullets Fundrasier



AFP Foundation-Illinois: Insight to Action

Forum–Countering False Narratives of the Left

Americans for Prosperity Foundation – Illinois

Thursday, March 5, 2015 from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM (CST)

Cross of Glory Church
14719 W 163rd St., Homer Glen, IL 60491

You have been invited to join the Illinois chapter of the Americans for Prosperity Foundation for an exciting training event developed by the Grassroots Leadership Academy. Grassroots trainer, Mary Conway, will present a program on how political narratives are created, how they affect public policy, and how activists can debunk messaging from the left.

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Vivienne Porter Candidate for 33C School Board and Mike Bonomo Candidate for the 1st Ward in Lockport need your help

Date: March 14
Pickup Time: 10:30 am
Meet At: Dunkin Donuts—1069 E 9th St , Lockport (in the post office strip mall)

March 14th We will meet at the Dunkin Donuts in Lockport at 10:30am to drop literature at doors or knock the door which ever you prefer.
Each person will be given a bag with literature from both Vivienne and Mike. You will get a list with between 50 and 60 houses to take care off.
Mike and Vivienne are fiscally conservative and want the best for the people. Both recognize that spending needs to be looked at as one of the reasons for yearly tax increases. Both believe in transparency, and will keep the public informed. Both are open minded and will listen to the con-cerns of the residents.





 Homer/Lockport Tea Party Calendar

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The Homer/Lockport Tea Party Patriots organization: is an independent grassroots group of citizens whose purpose is to unite those individuals who believe in:

  • Upholding Constitutional limited government-at all levels
  • Electing officials that have a working knowledge of, and who will uphold, the Constitution of the United States of America, and will work to reduce size and scope of government by bringing it back to its constitutional boundaries by repealing unnecessary bureaucratic offices, laws and programs that create a need for spending.
  • Upholding our Constitutional Republic and its founding principles.
  • Reducing taxes by removing direct forms of taxation
  • Stop the encroachment upon the “Unalienable rights” of man by defending the same.
  • Argue for the removal of all judges who misconstrue Constitutional law as well as legislate from the bench.
  • Search out persons of honest character for public office.