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Illinois State Rifle Association Fundraiser
Sept 18 – 6:30 to 9:30 pm
Joliet Country Club
1009 Spencer Road, Joliet IL 60433

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Oct 23 –How Capitalism Saves Lives, How to Promote Capitalism

Time: 7:00 pm
Location: Cross of Glory -14719 W 163rd St (Corner of 163 & Cedar) Homer Glen, IL
Matt Lamb – Turning Point USA

Matt Lamb is currently a student at Loyola University-Chicago and will be graduating in December with a degree in Political Science and a minor in economics and Catholic Studies. His writing has been published on brennerbrief.com, turningpointusa.net, thecollegeconservative.com, townhall.com, thecollegefix.com and lifesitenews.com. He also writes for his school newspaper The Loyola Phoenix.

His political experience includes interning for a Chicago alderman’s office, the Chicago GOP, Open the Books/For the Good of Illinois, and managing a campaign.

Turning Point USA: Turning Point USA is a group dedicates to the ideals of the free-market, limited government, and capitalism. We seek to educate the youth, especially on high school and college campuses, about the benefits of limited government and the free-market. We do so through activities like “Big Government Sucks”, our ten weeks of activism program, as well as our columnist program. We also have chapters in almost every state, where members get together to discuss free-market and limited government ideas. For more information please visit turningpointusa.net “


Nov 6 – Using Saul Alinsky Tactics to Defeat the Left

Time: 7:00 pm
Location: Cross of Glory -14719 W 163rd St (Corner of 163 & Cedar) Homer Glen, IL


Jan 22– Federal Reserve Speaker – Facts you need to know about the Fed
Time: 7:00 pm
Location: Cross of Glory -14719 W 163rd St (Corner of 163 & Cedar) Homer Glen, IL



Atlas Shrugged Part III – In Theaters Sept 12th

Atlas Shrugged



 Homer/Lockport Tea Party Calendar

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The Homer/Lockport Tea Party Patriots organization: is an independent grassroots group of citizens whose purpose is to unite those individuals who believe in:

  • Upholding Constitutional limited government-at all levels
  • Electing officials that have a working knowledge of, and who will uphold, the Constitution of the United States of America, and will work to reduce size and scope of government by bringing it back to its constitutional boundaries by repealing unnecessary bureaucratic offices, laws and programs that create a need for spending.
  • Upholding our Constitutional Republic and its founding principles.
  • Reducing taxes by removing direct forms of taxation
  • Stop the encroachment upon the “Unalienable rights” of man by defending the same.
  • Argue for the removal of all judges who misconstrue Constitutional law as well as legislate from the bench.
  • Search out persons of honest character for public office.